New Blog

Beatdom magazine has been around since 2007. We’ve had a number of online “homes” since then, and our main one is currently However, we are always trying to make it easier for our readers and fans to interact with the editors and writers of Beatdom, and you can find us all over the internet.

Our old blog was our first home. It ran its course and although we still update it from time to time, it’s little more than a memory. We plan on developing this blog to look far superior to the old one.

Of course, we have a MySpace page. It was instrumental before Facebook became the best way of communicating with our readers.

Now our Facebook group is the most important tool we have for talking to you guys.

We have our own social network. It’s not exactly as busy as MySpace or Facebook, but it’s alright.

And of course, there’s Twitter. You can follow our feed on the right of this page, or click this link.


4 Comments to “New Blog”

  1. To all at Beatdom, good luck with the new site. I’m sure no matter where your site is it will be a success.

  2. Thanks Marty, I’m mostly just trying to diversify and give people more access to Beatdom.

  3. all the best wishes of success!!!

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