Bukowski Stamp Update

Despite the petition falling well short of its intended 10,000 supporters, the movement to have Charles Bukowski commemorated on a U.S. postal stamp may just have been resurrected.

Beatdom reported in its old blog that fans of the late L.A.-based writer have attempted to have his image adorn a stamp by gaining 10,000 signatures on a petition. However, the final total came to a mere 1,000 and the project was deemed a loss.

Now, however, it seems that Buk might well make the cut. Richard Schave has received a letter from the U.S. Postal Service (Bukowski’s employer for many, many years, and the subject of his most famous novel, Post Office) that states: “This proposal will be submitted for review before and consideration before the Committee without a specific anniversary date.”

(See the letter here.)


4 Comments to “Bukowski Stamp Update”

  1. Thanks for posting about the Bukowski stamp campaign, and your past support for the preservation of his bungalow. I’d like to correct a misinterpretation that because 10,000 people didn’t sign the online petition, it was somehow a failure.

    As the petitioner (Richard Schave is my husband and collaborator), I simply set the goal at 10,000 randomly. And while it would have been neat to have had that many people sign, the 1000+ signatures were more than sufficient as a symbol of support, and they were submitted to the Stamp Committee with high hopes for the positive response we got back last week.

    There is no minimum number of signatures required to consider someone for recognition on a stamp, and in fact it would have been enough if one person sent a letter, if the Stamp Committee thought it was a good proposal.

    • Sorry for the mistake! I was led to believe by a few other sources that 10,000 was some set-in-stone target… but I’ll change that.

      Anyway, thanks for your work in having Bukowski commemorated this way. It’s appreciated by everyone that knows about it.

  2. I linked to and mentioned this post also. I like what you guys do. Keep it up.

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