There has always been a little confusing surrounding Beatdom’s purpose. We call ourselves a Beat Generation-themed literary journal, but we also publish poetry and short fiction from writers of today. We really are interested in tapping into the modern incarnation of “Beat,” even though we don’t really know whether or not “Beat” is still alive.

We do, however, like to think that the Beats wouldn’t sit around today looking at the past, no matter how many great writers and artists fill the history books. They would be actively writing history.

And so at Beatdom we try and keep literary history rolling forward. That means you’ll find the best poetry and short fiction in our pages. Some of the best writers in the world can now be found on the Beatdom roster.

But we don’t publish every great writer. Some of them have books with other companies. Some of them self-publish. Some of them do public readings.

These people need exposure, and they frequently come to Beatdom to ask for a review.  And so we’re proud to launch Beatdom Reviews – a section in each issue that will print reviews of today’s literature.

If you have a permanent address – somewhere publishers can send FREE books – and the time and dedication required to produce well written, insightful reviews, then please e-mail me at editor [at] beatdom [dot] com. Please include a sample review of less than 500 words – something that shows your style and tone.

If you have any books you want reviewed, please use that same e-mail address until our review is appointed.


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