Beat News

This week’s newspapers and blogs have been kind to the fans of the Beat Generation. Indeed, this past year has been kind, what with all the documentaries and movies going into production.

Here are some links we thought might be of interest to our readers:

As mentioned in this article, Harold Chapman’s “The Beat Hotel” exhibition is going on in London’s Proud Chelsea gallery. Recently, he spoke to Beatdom’s favourite newspaper about his life with the Beats:

Brion Gysin is also in the news this week as his first US retrospective entices fans to view his fabled “Dreammachine.” Read about it in the Wall Street Journal, which also includes an odd photo of Gysin. He’s also mentioned in the Huffington Post, which compares him to Humbert Humbert and suggests that very few people have ever heard him.

Of course, the big Beat link of the week is to the New York Times’ article, “Pen Pals: Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and the Literary World They Made.” The article centres on the recent publication of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: The Letters and The Typewriter is Holy, by Bill Morgan.


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