Finding the Beat Video

Here’s a project we could not endorse more… Finding the Beat is not just a favourite of Beatdom because it features our writers. It is simply an awesome idea for a movie. I sincerely believe that the finished version of this film will be a modern classic – a Beatific documentary.
If you’ve been following their progress you will know how far they’ve come. Finding the Beat has four of its ten intended subjects and they’re currently a hot topic on the interweb.
But now comes the crucial part – the part that’s normally the least fun part of any venture. Funding. Fortunately this video is funny and informative – taking the sting out of capital venture and reminding us just where the cash is going – to celebrating the Beats and promoting the arts. To furthering the cause of a brilliant project.

Finding The Beat Donation Trailer from Finding the Beat….. on Vimeo.

(Sorry -couldn’t get the video to embed…)


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