Beatdom is expensive. That’s something that cannot be denied, and up until now it has been something that cannot be helped. Each of our eight issues has cost upwards of $20 and that is simply because we are a small, independent publisher. We try and provide quality writing and art, as well as giving away free downloads of the magazine through our website, in order to make amens for the cost of each issue.

Now, however, Beatdom is proud to offer its readers a deal. We are offering subscriptions for significantly less than the magazine normally costs. Instead of paying $20 per issue, plus $5 post & packaging, we are offering a one-year subscription for only $50, including post & packing.

Let’s break that down…

There will be three issues released per year at a cost of only $50, whereas previously one had to pay perhaps $25 per issue, totaling roughly $75 for a year of Beatdom.

That means you’ll be saving $25 per year by purchasing a subscription, or getting one free issue.

See our website for more details.


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