Issue Eight Update

Thanks to everyone who’s thus far contributed to Beatdom’s eighth issue. I know it’s a long time coming, but be patient – it’ll be here in January, and it’ll be better than ever.

The theme of this issue, as you know, if SEX. We’ll be examining the Beats and their thoughts on, and references to,  sex. We have essays on Tom Waits and Charles Burkowski’s interest in waitresses, a glimpse at Dylan’s romantic side, an interview with Carolyn Cassady on her relationships with Kerouac and Cassady, some great poetry, and a few illustrated poems by the wonderful Alex Stein.

Stein’s most recent publication – Dear Tanya: Letter Poems & Drawings of Josan – recently landed on my doorstep and captivated me. He’s kindly agreed to submit work for this next issue.

We’re open for submissions until the end of November, and although we like to publish one or two off-topic pieces, preference is generally given to submissions based on SEX. As always, send anything with a bio and relevant details to the address listed on the website –

If you would like to purchase a cheap subscription to Beatdom or pre-order a copy of Issue Eight, click here.


5 Comments to “Issue Eight Update”

  1. hey, what about my story about how the rubber chicken ruined my sex life?

  2. or bob dylan and romanticism?

    or prison poet Emily Smith?

    they are not mentioned though you said you would use them and i was hoping for a little shout out about one out of three, at least.

    do i have to chance my name to maichaeil or something to get a salvo? hahaha

  3. then i should continue putting these together?

    btw, of interest to the page, craig ferguson had an actor from the Howl movie on last night and actually had a small poetry discussion…it is probably on youtube this morning…

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