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When Beatdom was first published, back in 2007, we founded a little publishing company called “Mauling Press” to print and distribute the magazine. After a while they became known as “City of Recovery Press,” (or CoRP) and that’s the company that still publishes Beatdom.

CoRP hasn’t really done much else in the world of publishing, as Beatdom has taken all its energy and resources. However, over of the past year we have been searching for something we’ve called “Beatdom Books” (which was an early suggestion for the renaming of “Mauling Press”). These books would be a mix of Beat studies (too long for the magazine) and contemporary poetry and fiction.

The first author signed to the CoRP label was Beatdom poet, Kyle Chase. His first poetry chapbook, The Clinic and Other Poems, was published by CoRP earlier this year. Only a very limited number of copies were printed, and they were well received across the United Kingdom, the United States, and even in parts of Asia.

Kyle’s second book – featuring poems that have appeared in Beatdom, along with numerous unpublished works, is due for release in December 2010. Called The sickness which started him typing… it is honestly one of the finest works of art I have had the pleasure to read. His poems are astonishing depictions of modern life in an utterly unique voice, and have found praise not only in Beatdom, but in Mississippi Crow Magazine, Finding the Beat, Zygote in my Coffee, Red Fez, and Underground Voices.

He is quite simply the voice of his generation; a poet unrivaled in his time.

We are proud to announce the release of the the cover art for Kyle’s first full volume of poetry, The sickness which started him typing…

CoRP has also agreed to publish the first novel by Spencer Kansa, a man whose name should be familiar to fans of the Beat Generation, as well as those with an interest in music journalism. Spencer’s work with Burroughs and Ginsberg has graced the pages of Beatdom, as well as other publications. His first novel, Zoning, was read by none other than William S. Burroughs, who thought it “reads like an urban Celine.”

Zoning is slated for release in mid-2011.


2 Comments to “Beatdom Books”

  1. nice covers. is that right…’his work with ginsberg and burroughs’? or on ginsy and burroughs?

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