Ginsberg Action Figure

Er, well, maybe not an action figure… Rather, a Ginsberg doll. That’s right, folks, you can now buy an Allen Ginsberg “Beat Poet Figurine“! It “comes with glasses! Book! Cloth Coat! Beaded Necklace! Uncle Sam Hat!”

Still not convinced? Well, dig this: It comes with a CD containing five (5) previously unreleased recordings!

Check it out:

What’s next? A Kerouac doll with a typewriter, scroll and bottle of wine? A Burroughs doll with a needle, a small boy, and a gun with a slightly inaccurate sight? An HST doll with a suitcase full of narcotics, an arsenal that would make George W. Bush blush, and an attorney sidekick?

I really, really fucking hope so. I only hope they cost less than Ginsberg, who costs 4,500 yen (or roughly $52).

(HT @Trina DeMattei)


4 Comments to “Ginsberg Action Figure”

  1. LOL..this is cute…! reminds me of the ‘Rent a Beatnik’ and ‘ Rent a Square’ advertisements so popular in the 50’s

  2. i wonder how many of these actually got sold?
    i still think he’d have preferred a blow up doll.

    • Agreed. A Ginsberg blow-up doll would sell well, I’m sure. Although I think that with the new movie there’s probably a tremendous market for stuff like this that may or may not become highly collectible after a couple of years.

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