Perverts Wanted

Just kidding… or maybe not. We need artists and we need art about sex. Whether that means something depraved or something tasteful, let us know. We are open-minded.

What are we looking for?

Photos, sketches, paintings, cartoons… anything.

We want cover art, stand-alone works for inside the magazine, and images to illustrate our essays and stories. So far we have essays on Bob Dylan, Jack Kerouac, Tom Waits, Charles Bukowski, female poets of the 1950s, as well as poetry and short stories. If you need any more information, just ask.

Here’s some old Beatdom art:

If you are interested in working with Beatdom, get in touch with David S. Wills at editor [at] beatdom [dot] com.


6 Comments to “Perverts Wanted”

  1. i can draw but my fingers are stuck together.

  2. You would probably find a lot more artists in a artist forum. Try for example or maybe, it’s computer artists but u’ll also find traditional artists there and spread the word

  3. @David : If one is interested one has to scan the piece and email it to you right?

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