My sincerest apologies… I have been travelling Asia for the past few weeks, penniless and homeless and wandering confused towards somewhere I’m not sure… and have totally neglected this blog. Hopefully I’ll get back to posting Beat news and whatnot, so please don’t forget about us!

5 Comments to “Sorry”

  1. “By 1961, I was more interested in going beyond the traditional expatriate role or voyage, of wandering out in the East, particularly India, the most rich and exquisite and aesthetically attractive culture.” Says Allen Ginsberg , the poet laureate of America in his interview with Suranjana Ganguly during one of his visits to India….

    good luck with the travel..!

  2. @David: while you are exploring yourself somewhere in some part of this world, I would like to keep up the ‘Beat’…

    Just reread Bary Miles and came across this:
    while one of his visits to India, Allen gave a free reading at the famous Benares Hindu University.At the end, the head of the English Dept, some O’Brian, accused Allen of writing obscene and lewd poetry, Allen looked at him ‘coldly in the eye’ and said “not half as vulgar as the speech you’r making now” later some member of the communist party turned on Allen, “you Americans with your aiplanes and your rotten wheat. Now you come here with your filthy fucks to corrupt our pure Hindi poetry!’ They sent a copy of howl with all the obscene words underlined to the Criminal Investigation Department.. 😀

    @everybody : Kindly post any such funny incidents associated with the lives of our writers..lets keep the legacy alive..! and this blog moving.. 🙂

    • It’s a great book, indeed. I’m currently just approaching his trip to India. I read a whole bunch of his earlier adventures on the plane from Malaysia to China but have been too busy since arriving to read any further.

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