Issues Available

There are currently seven issues of Beatdom on sale (or available to download for free!) You can read more about them at or purchase them at

Beatdom Issue 1
Beatdom Issue 1
Buddhism and the Beats
Bob Kaufman – The Unsung Beat
Walt Whitman and the Beat Generation
Father and Son: Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan
The Significance of Vagrants On American Literature
Beat Books
What Do Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson and Jesus Have in Common?
The Nanotechnological Red Bull Oxycodone Assessment
Know Your Beats
Seven Beat Tales
Truth, Justice and the International Super Highway
Beats Online
A Beaten Dream?
Eat at Joe’s: The American Dream?
Harry Potter and the Death of Literature
Steve McAllister
Ken Babbs
Paul Krassner
Zane Kesey
Barry Gifford
Ganga Chip Adventure
Banter Goodfriend
New York Lights Burning Bright
Beatdom Issue 2
Beatdom Issue 2
Women of the Beat Generation
The life of Gregory Corso
Saving Bukowski¡¯s Bungalow
My Moriartys
On the Road… By John Kerouac
A Beaten People?
No Great Society
The Influence of Jack Kerouac on Hunter S Thompson
Neeli Cherkovski
Heart Beat, by Carolyn Cassady
Beatniks, by Toby Litt
The Outsiders of New Orleans
Bohemian New Orleans
Fiction/ Art/ Memoirs
Outlaw Traveller
Methodological Individualism
Next Stop, Woody Creek
Rise of the Appliances
On the Beat – The Modern Counterculture
Stevia – A Bitter/Sweet Story
Beatdom Issue 3
Beatdom Issue 3
Who’s Who: A Guide to Kerouac’s Characters
The Streetlight on the Road: Gregory Corso
Beatnik Dictionary
On the Map
The Lost Novel: And the Hippos were Boiled in their Tanks
Fact & Fiction in Las Vegas
The Modern World
Welcome to the Plastic World
On the Holloway Road
The American Epidemic
Fiction & True Stories
Tempest Tavern Temptress
Beatdom Issue 4
Beatdom Issue 4
HST & The Beats: Fleeting Encounters
Jack Kerouac’s Visions of Gerard
Joan Vollmer: In the Eyes of her Contemporaries
Beats & the Sixties Counterculture
Alene Lee: Subterranean Muse
The Sea is my Brother, by Jack Kerouac
Kerouac & The Outsider: A Puzzle
The Breton Traveller
The Plurality of the Beat Spirituality
Carolyn Cassady
Gary Snyder
Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac and Ernest Hemingway review No Country for Old Men
Required Reading
Fiction/ Art/ Memoirs
Woodcuttings of the Beats
The Gun and the New Dark Way
Deep Fried Ducktape and Sushi Knives
Jack & Edward
Going to Meet the Man: First Encounter with Allen Ginsberg
Beatdom Issue 5
Beatdom Issue 5
Letter from the Editor
Modern Beat
“Howl” Goes to Hollywood
Helen Weaver
The Visions of Burroughs
Naked Lunch at Fifty
Naked Lunch on Film
The Battle for Kerouac’s Estate
Lady Beats
Do the Beats Still Matter?
Art/ Fiction/ Memoirs
Someone to Write to
Hence the Drama
Deep Fried Duct Tape and Sushi Knives pt. 2
Beatdom Issue 6
Beatdom Issue 6
Walking with the Barefoot Beat
Finding Alene
The Beats on the Road
Literature and the Art of Self-Realisation
Lest we Forget
In Tangier
Scroobius Pip
A Blue Hand: The Beats in India
Fiction/ Art/ Memoirs
On the Road Changed my Life…
Domino Diaries: Havana Zoo
LSD 25000
Transylvanian Tale
The Crooked Path Toward Salvation
Postcard from Allen Ginsberg
Beatdom Issue 2
Beatdom Issue 7
Setting Gonzo to a Beat
Long John Silver and the Beats
Last Thoughts on Ginsberg & Music
William S. Burroughs: Rock God
Remembering Peter Orlovsky
Come Join Uncle Sam’s Band
Jim Carroll’s Last Diary Entry
Patti Smith & the Beats
Herbert Huncke: An Oral Biography
Flying Dog Brewery
Michael Sharp
Crushing Kerouac
Fiction – Art – Memoirs
Scribble 2001
The Ballad of Sonny Allen

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