Submission Guidelines

I’ve been receiving a lot of submissions recently and I feel that I really should put up a few simple guidelines. These are just some basic notes for now, but in a few weeks (when the proper website is finished) I’ll get a full list of downloadable instructions for you.


Please keep in mind that Beatdom is a Beat Generation-themed literary journal. We publish short stories and poetry, but mostly we’re looking for essays about the Beats. These essays should be interesting and take a different slant on the Beat Generation. There are hundreds of books and essays out there that cover these subjects, so we want something new.

There is no word limit for essays. Please make sure your essay is readable – that means long enough to go where you want, but short enough that you won’t bore your reader. Between 2,000 and 5,000 words is optimal.

Essays should be sent as a .doc Word file. Please keep the text single-spaced and do not add two spaces between a period and the start of the next sentence.

You should receive a reply to your submission within a few days.

Short Stories

We usually print one or two short stories per issue, and receive hundreds of submissions. Please don’t expect a prompt reply, and don’t resubmit after a few weeks.

Stories should relate to the stated theme of each issue and should not exceed 5,000 words.


We publish several poems per issue and receive hundreds of submissions. Please don’t expect a prompt reply, and don’t resubmit after a few weeks.

Poems should ideally fit the theme of the issue, or display some sort of connection to the Beat Generation.

12 Comments to “Submission Guidelines”

  1. Hi there. Im really interested in your magazine. In 2002 I had the chance to visit Ginsberg’s old farm in Cherry Valley. I also spent a few lively days with Beat poet Charlie Plymell who was gracious enough to show me the old haunts and to discuss his connection with the beats. I have a journal form this time period and a few poems out of it as well if you are interested. I will keep in touch.

    All the best,

    Denis Robillard

  2. Hi!

    I am a research scholar from India and am working on the Beat poets, particularly Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and Kenneth Rexroth. Im basically working upon the mystical elements in their poetry related to Asian religion, Hinduism in particular I would like to contribute some essays in your journal .please let me know the procedure of submissions.

    Geetanjali Joshi

  3. would like to know if you would accept contributions from overseas.

  4. Hi David

    I am subscribing and would like to order back issues. I tried at the publishing sight but the back issues came up in Engish pounds not American dollars. I was not sure how to pay in a foreign currency. Could you pleas help, otherwise I will download the issues.
    Also, i am a poet/arttist/musician and am totally inspired by the Beats. I finally found a book by Gregory Corso (Herald of the Autochthonic Spirit) at Bridge Street Books in Wash. DC. I also found a copy of Bob Kaufman’s Solitudes Crowded With Lonlibess. By the way if you or anyone you know is coming to DC in the next few weeks the National Gallery has an exhibition of Beat photography. They are show the film “The Life and Times of Allan Ginsberg” on Monday Sept 6 at 1pm and 330pm….I will submit some poetry soon…I have one for the drug and religion issues……Later!!!

  5. Back in the 1990’s, shortly before he passed away, I exchanged chapbooks with Jack Micheline and received a letter and extensive comments in his chapbook from him. As many may know, he died on a Bart bus, I believe in San Francisco, and did live a life close to the Herbert Hunke definition of “beat” at times. That is reflected in his poetry, but also reflected are flights of the beatific.

    Just to get it into the public record, I would like to put the remarks in your magazine, if you are interested. Perhaps that lowers the book and letter’s resale value on the rare book market, but I don’t care.

    • Thanks, Chuck. That sounds like a really interesting piece of Beat history. If you’re serious about submitting, then send me an e-mail at editor (at) beatdom (dot) com and we’ll discuss it further.

      Honestly, I’m not hugely knowledgeable about Jack Micheline, but I’ve been reading a little about him quite recently and feel I should know more.

  6. There’s some good recitations of Jack Micheline on U-Tube. I read his comments over, and decided they don’t give the correct picture of the man, but rather reflect when he was having a bad day.

  7. I am from Pakistan and I want to submit my Sonnets for your coming issue. I have some fifty sonnets on, and I wish to publish them in print as well. Besides, I have some unpublished sonnets also. I want to know whether I can send both or only unpublished.

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