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September 27, 2010

First Thought, Best Thought?

It could be argued that immediacy was the style of the Beats. Certainly it was Ginsbergs’, and Kerouac professed to be driven by “Spontaneous Prose.” In the years following World War II improvisation and free-flowing first thought were integral to art. Jackson Pollack, Charlie Parker, Dizzie Gillespie… It wasn’t just the Beats. These artists were screaming in the face of a crushing conformity, and it was their apparent spontaneous creations that inspired the freedom of thought that characterized subsequent generations, movements and scenes.

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March 30, 2010

Looking for Interns

Ah, the glamorous world of unpaid internships! It may seem unattractive at the time, but these are invaluable in the grad scheme of things… It’s not easy getting your foot in the door as a writer, artist or editor, but Beatdom has been watching its staff drift on to better things since its inception in 2007.

As a Beatdom intern you will help run our non-profit company along with all our unpaid staff (even the editor doesn’t get paid) with the added benefit of being mentored by the more experienced members of our team.

For more information on this opportunity, please see our website: